Migrated from Blogger – original post was dated 10/29/2007

“Our society believes in an old paradigm of pathology (the medical model) that implies that you have to be broken or wounded to seek help in creating a better life. As a profession, life coaching seems to be an evolutionary step beyond psychotherapy. Life coaching represents a shift toward creating your desired outcomes and consciously creating the future that the client desires.” – Total Life Coaching

To me, this quote sums up exactly what I hope to help each of my clients achieve, the conscious creation of your future.

I believe that we are each capable of accomplishing so much MORE than what we currently are. Lao Tzu said, “Knowledge of self is the source of our abilities.” The more we understand and believe in ourselves, the more we are able to accomplish.

Another way of saying this is: “What you believe about yourself defines who you are.”

I’ll give you an example from my own life.

Yesterday I was deeply engrossed in a book by William Glasser, “Reality Therapy in Action” when I was suddenly reminded of how I believed for many years that I was incapable of reading non-fiction. “I go into automatic scan mode and miss important details,” I remember myself stating to anyone who would listen.

And while I haven’t read many non-fiction books in this last year, maybe five at most, I realized that I have read them from cover to cover and gained an incredible amount of knowledge along the way.

So what changed?

Embarrassingly enough, in my thirst for knowledge on the subjects I was reading, I simply forgot to be bored or ‘go into scan mode’ or even simply forgot that I wasn’t supposed to be able to read non-fiction. I needed to read the books and learn from them, so I did.

For nearly 35 years I had believed myself incapable of reading and learning effectively from non-fiction. And I was incapable, until I forgot, and suddenly found myself capable of it.

Look for a moment inward and think about your “I can’ts”. Examine all of them slowly, one by one. Now change it to an “I can” and prove yourself capable. I guarantee that most of you will find something that can become an “I can”.