Migrated from Blogger – originally posted on November 15, 2007

I swear it’s the littlest things that make me happy.

This morning has been a good one. One of my staff members showed up while I was still in my pajamas, with no shower, busily cleaning my house for my mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow. We talked about her schedule and how I wanted her out cleaning some of the clients on her own and independent from others. I don’t usually hold court in my pajamas, but hey, we roll with the punches ‘round here.

A few minutes later, two other staff members show up. A small problem has come up. The client’s dog is loose from the backyard and won’t allow them near the front door to do the scheduled cleaning. Thankfully, the house is close, just a couple of blocks away, so I throw some clothes on and zip over there.

I park on the street, get out, and see the big brown lab sniffing the ground in the front yard. “Hey, buddy! Whatcha doing?” I call out, not the least bit afraid of him. I have two dogs at home, one of them is bigger than this guy (1/2 great dane and ¼ pit bull). He comes galloping over to me, a goofy look on his face, overjoyed that he had someone to play with! I pet him, ruffle his fur, and talk to him. Then I lead him over to the open gate where he balks for a brief second before running past me into the yard. I quickly shut the gate and lean over it to give him more love and affection. He’s a sweet dog and I’m feeling like the Dog Whisperer as my two staff members pull up in their car to see the way to the front door is safe. The neighbor even thanked me because he had charged at her earlier and scared the crap out of her.

Back home, with the baby down for a nap I call AT&T to see if I can get call waiting on my phone. It’s a call I’ve been dreading. The last time I had to deal with AT&T they had some firking ‘voice recognition’ software that had me swearing until the air turned blue.

Somehow, I think I wasn’t the only one who hated the software, because they are back to call centers and human beings, thank the heavens. I reaches this amazingly competent, friendly, and efficient rep who not only took care of getting my call waiting activated, but told me it wouldn’t cost me a thing and then explained how to use call forwarding as well. Fantastic service, I even got her email address in case I needed further help—to which I promptly sent an email thanking her for her over-the-top customer service. I’ve worked in call centers before, they are usually centered on the 9th level of hell and treat their people like numbers. I hope she forwards the email on to her supervisor as I suggested and that it does help her at her next review. She certainly deserves a raise in my book!

So there you are, two little things that meant so much towards getting my day moving in a positive and energetic manner.

Folks, the little things really do matter.