Migrated from Blogger – original post dated December 24, 2007

It is two weeks into my new ‘low-information diet’ and it hasn’t been a pretty sight here in the Shuck household.

I think there is something calming about checking your email twenty times a day, or knowing what your exact bank balance is, and what bills have come in and what your exact debt/income ratio is…

Okay, so I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times and I doubt I’ve managed to restrain my hitting the Send/Receive button on the email to three times a day more than a handful of times. But I’m well below my usual 16-20 times per day!

I am also proud to announce that I haven’t visited any of my favorite news sites since the 9th! Yes, that’s right, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the world except for what my husband tells me. He gives me the juicy bits each evening when he returns home from work and a day spent surfing the web.

I have taken up fiction reading again, but thanks to the munchkin (14th month old Princess Emily) not much of that happens. I’m lucky to get an hour in each day at present.

I rather like only processing my incoming mail once per week. My exceptions to this rule are packages (fun stuff to unwrap!) and checks (that goes straight into the bank). I will admit to actually feeling anxiety when I look over and see a huge stack of mail to process through. And folks, I get a LOT of mail.

But slowly, things are sliding into place, and I’m happy with the changes so far. I have managed to completely re-create my website through a trial version of Dreamweaver and have turned over all the files to a web designer who is also a client of mine through CCS. I’m finally outsourcing the management and updates to it and the new website should be online and active within the next week or so. A sleek new look, professional and thorough—it is ready to go!!!!

I’m hoping this will take my income with CCS to the next level, give me the flexibility I need to bring in more staff and perhaps hire a manager, and then I can devote myself to 25th Hour (advertising and promotion only) and Creative Solutions more and more.

At some point in 2008 I will be offering free coaching sessions to a limited number of clients as I roll out Creative Solutions Life Coaching. I will be posting a request for participants in the near future. Stay tuned!