The world is changing very quickly and our economy is one of the more obvious signs. There are moments when I think that everything has been tipped on its ear and I am reminded of how much we must be ready for a dramatic re-write in how we live and think and work.

If you have found this blog through my website you may understand its purpose. But let me state it for the record, clearly and succinctly. I write this blog for three reasons:

  • To bring value and share knowledge
  • To inspire change
  • To bring in business

All three are linked and equally important in my eyes. Yes, I have to eat and pay bills, just like you. Just as relevant, I have struggled to find myself, to find happiness and definition and joy in my life. Each day I work to define what I need out of life and how to get it while maintaining the values I hold dear. Sharing my knowledge, empathy and experience is part of that journey.

A week or so ago I signed up for a free class on business building. I knew from the description that the class was indeed a type of marketing maneuver that I myself employ – that of offering what I call “flea or free” classes on a particular subject I am knowledgable in – in exchange for the opportunity to make a nominal amount of money and expose myself to potential clients. I knew there would probably be a soft or even hard sell during this class, but I am always interested in learning better techniques – and I’d have the opportunity to potentially network with other business owners, so it was a win-win.

Until I received a call last night.

The man identified himself as part of the group who was hosting the class and asked if I knew how to get to the location. Then he asked my reason for attending and I told him that I owned a housecleaning, organizing and now a business and life coaching business so I could use all the tips I could get in marketing and business building.

His tone immediately changed and I was taken aback when he accused me of “checking out the competition” and asked if I was planning on “trying to steal [their] intellectual property.” Considering I had no idea what that firm did until I asked TWICE for an answer and finally received it (they provide business coaching), the whole idea and conversation was ludicrous and quite insulting.

I won’t name names – neither the caller nor his company need identification for this particular lesson. Needless to say, I won’t be attending.

But here’s the deal – the crux of the matter so to speak. If this guy was so worried about what I might learn in two hours, then this “intellectual property” must not be worth much.

If all of my knowledge and ability was here in this blog, you wouldn’t need to hire me, you’d have everything you needed right here. The clients that come to me are looking for a partner along the journey. They are looking for focus, for support, ideas, brainstorming techniques and for objectivity – and I provide them with all of that and more. I could share my knowledge in a two hour class and still have more insight to give to a one-on-one client than could be covered in twelve coaching sessions. How sad that this company valued their worth so little!

Ideas are everywhere. It is the person who puts them into action and makes them pop who is the ‘winner’ in life. No matter how novel your concept, someone else might have the identical idea bobbing about in their gray matter – until it is in action or on paper – it’s a crap shoot. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, building upon those who have gone before.

That this man chose to be paranoid and fearful and accusatory was so beyond laughable it actually tempted me to tears. Small minds think like that – they accuse and fear – they can’t envision a world in which we are all striving towards our purpose and eagerly creating our own vision of the future. The idea of stealing someone else’s idea is so completely alien to me – why would I do it when I have so many of my own that are just as good if not better?

We are not standing shoulder to shoulder, neck to neck, there is ROOM for us all to create our unique vision of the world – one individual at a time.

Our economy’s threats of imminent collapse sends a clear message – something is not working right. We need to create a new paradigm, a brave new world. We need to ask ourselves “What works for ME? What can I do to make a difference in my life?” When we begin to make answers to those questions, instead of holding our tiny ideas so closely to our chests that they are suffocated, we will begin to forge this world. It will be a better one, full of individual joy and happiness and potential.

It will be  a brave new world – and it will belong to each one of us.