Don’t worry, I will be back soon with a new post on the “Six Phrases You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Say” – actually they are already scheduled to appear each Friday.

But today I have some thoughts I want to share with you about a very interesting book and the ideas and thoughts it has given me as I work my way through it. The book is by Noah St. John, “The Secret Code of Success” and I’m rather impressed so far.

I just finished Chapter 4: Afformations® (no, that isn’t a typo) in which he takes you through several steps. I will use one of my own issues as an example.

I’m overweight. Technically speaking, I’m considered obese. I would settle for being just overweight or having 10-15 extra pounds – instead I have more like FIFTY extra pounds.

So a typical goal would to say “I want to lose weight and not be obese.”

A typical affirmation would be to write and post and read out loud each day, “I will weigh fifty pounds less and fit into a size 10 again!” What Noah suggests is that our brains read those words and think, “Yeah, right, I’m a total loser (and not in the good way)!”

He suggests that affirmations don’t work whereas Afformations® do. A typical example of an Afformations® in this case would be, “How is it that I have lost fifty pounds and am now much healthier?” He points out that it is the question we focus on, not a statement of fact. That we as humans seek to find answers to the questions, most often questions we ask ourselves. By changing our questions, we change our lives.

“Why can’t I lose this weight?” or “Why do I commit to exercising and then never do it?” are both questions, but they are negative and start us down the negative path. By instead asking, “Why is it that I have lost fifty pounds?” we have changed the question to a  positive one and our minds begin to react by coming up with answers we already know will work to solve the problem.

If I haven’t explained this well enough, read the book, it’s well worth it.

As for me, I’ve already begun the process. I sat down and made a list of all the things I want. One of them was that I wanted to lose weight and feel more comfortable in my body. I also added that I would like to be out of pain (my back and neck often hurt) and be more flexible. I then re-wrote the goals into the form of Afformations®.

Why is that I am so healthy and a healthy weight? Why is it that I longer suffer back pain and am more flexible?

Last night before I went to bed I set out my workout clothes and shoes. I put them where I could easily find them (I wake up early and don’t like to turn on lights and disturb my husband’s sleep) and despite my reluctance, got up and dressed and went down to the basement. I didn’t ask a lot of my body…just 15 minutes at 2.5mph. I had a couple of hand weights and I remembered to stretch before and afterward. In some aspects that was the most difficult part, I had no idea just how inflexible I had become! Yes, I counted every minute and every second and wished that I had a tv show to watch. I’ll probably listen to the radio on my iPod next time to help pass the time. I’m also going back to and logging my weight and what I eat.

We’ll see how it goes. My first objective is to establish a routine – fifteen minutes a day, every day. After that is accomplished and the habit is formed I’ll expand (walk faster, walk longer). I hope to also check in and write about my progress as I go.

Check out his book, write your own Afformations® today and keep at it. Asking yourself those positive questions will change your attitude from one of despair and frustration with yourself to one of excitement and goals!