So last week I talked about Noah St. John’s book and the section on Afformations. I began putting my “I Wants” into the form of questions that assumed the outcome.

“I want to lose weight and feel better about my body” became “How is it that I have lost the extra weight and feel better about my body?”

Even now it sounds dorky.

But you know what isn’t dorky?

Getting on the scales and finding out that I’ve lost three pounds in one week – that’s not dorky at all!

I’ve done it by upping my exercise (15-25 minutes EVERY day on the treadmill and working with hand weights at the same time), logging what I eat on and staying within the proscribed limits, and just making smarter food choices in general.

On Monday I was speaking with my coach – most coaches have their own coaches since we recognize the value it brings to our own lives – and she noted my goal to lose 9 pounds by the end of March. She asked if I thought it was a reasonable goal and I snorted, “NO!” That was before I had checked my weight on the scales obviously. Now I look at the 9 pound goal and think, “Oh yeah, I can do that!”

So that’s my little win for the week. How about yours?