HARO – Help A Reporter Out

This is a fantastic source for information and also a wonderful tool for promoting yourself or your business.

The way it works is this. If you go to http://www.helpareporter.com/ and sign up, you will receive emails about twice a day each weekday. The queries are all from writers and journalists who need information to fill out a story they are working on. If you have knowledge on that subject, you simply send an email back to that particular query and share your information. Often they will quote you and put a link back to your website (if you have one). This has happened a number of times for me in regards to my organizing and cleaning experience.

Recently I had the opportunity to request information in a query. I’ve just sent it off, but I’m excited about what responses I will encounter. Best of all? The service is completely free!

Think about the applications for a moment. You may have decided you want to start your own Personal Finance biz and are wondering what exactly people need or look for. Ask the question! “What top three questions would you ask a financial advisor?” Then sit back and watch the responses come in. It can serve as the basis for the services you later offer. You can craft your website around those questions. You could even write an article that addresses several of the concerns and then use it on your website, in advertising or submit it to a local newspaper for publication!

The same goes in the opposite direction. Read over the HARO queries each day, and respond to the categories that make sense to you. I once saw a query for parenting advice, my pet subject after teaching parenting classes for seven years, and I responded back and was quoted in the article!

You don’t have to be a writer, you just need experience and/or an opinion. And most of us have an overabundance of opinion to share!

Life change means grabbing reins and taking control – of your daily life and of your destiny. One of the ways we can do this is through gaining (and sharing)  information. So think about it, and ask yourself, “What can I learn or teach others today?”