This is probably going to make me cry…again.

As I was typing up tomorrow’s post for The Deadly Nightshade my home phone rang. Phoenix area code, and the only person I know in Phoenix is my daughter’s best friend, Casey.

I’ll be seeing her walk down the aisle in just a few short weeks. I consider myself lucky – even though there is three day drive with a 4 year old involved…and that’s just one way.

Casey is like a daughter to me. I’ve known her for over fourteen years now, and she is a good kid with a big heart. But even still, I wasn’t prepared for what she said next.

She said, “I’ve always known that I wanted to grow up and be a stay-at-home mom. I wanted kids, and I would love to homeschool, and have a garden and make a home of my own.” She paused then, “Mom had a different way, but I knew I didn’t want to be like her, I wouldn’t be happy in offices or working for someone else. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and to be home with my kids.” She went on to describe her first garden, that she grew in back of a little rental house on 3rd Street here in town. The tomatoes never did much (too much shade) and most of the harvest never made it inside (she ate it fresh from the vine). She told me of trying to sell little braided bracelets door to door when she was seven.

“I woke up early this morning, Christine, like I normally do. And I was reading your blogs and thought, ‘I want to be like Christine’. And I tried to write it down, but I thought I’d call you instead.”

So, yeah, that made me cry. Big time. It was sweet, and kind, and it is still a bit of a jolt for me to think that I might actually be inspiring others.

It makes me think that, we make choices every day. To help a neighbor with their lawn, to offer a stranger some comfort, or to write words that go out into the blogosphere and that somehow and in some way resonate.

You don’t have to be like me.

But you do have to be a person that you like and that you want to be. I wonder if Casey has any idea how lucky she is to have found that…now…at this young age.

No matter when you find it. Hold onto it. Believe in yourself, in the boundless potential that lies within you. And then access it, wield it to make your world, and the world around you, a better place.