_mg_1490-altChristine Shuck is a business and life coach, wife, mother, author, and local speaker. She currently resides just south of Kansas City, Missouri. Due in no small part to the winding road she took to get to where she is now, here in this moment, she is full of excitement and challenge for each of her clients. She believes deeply in the power of individuals to effect deep and lasting change in their lives and loves being a part of that process of self-discovery and personal growth.

Christine is currently writing “Quit Your Job, Change Your Life – A Strategies Handbook for the Disaffected”

When not busy with the roles listed above you will find her occupied with cross-stitch or quilting, or reading during the cold months. During spring and summer Christine can usually be found barefoot, planting and weeding in her yard or playing with her daughter and the dogs.

Christine works with individuals who are looking for a high energy coach with the following areas of expertise:

  • Career/Life Change
  • Small Business/Entrepreneur
  • Family/Child Relationships
  • Improving Personal & Business Organization Skills

Her clients have included: Students (high school and college level), parents, entrepreneurs, and others tackling life and career transitions.


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